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COVID19 New Full Season Family Membership

COVID19 New Full Season Family Membership


I wish to apply for ownership in Roycefield Swim Club. If I become an owner, I agree to abide by the current Club By-Laws, and any future changes which may be adopted by an ownership vote. I waive claim for any loss or damage, for any cause whatsoever, to automobile or other personal property, or for any personal injury while a member of Roycefield Swim Club.

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This membership type is for NEW families that wish to join Roycefield Swim Club for the first time.
A Full Season Family membership includes one or two adults cohabitating with dependent children.

Included in this payment is a partial payment of the Full Season Family Ownership Share. The Full Ownership share is $1000. Selecting this special offer breaks up the payment over the course of 4 years. The 1st year (included in this payment) is $250. For years 2-4 the installment $275 each year. ($75 finance charge of the course of years 2-4). This Ownership Share will be refunded upon termination of ownership once another owner has remitted their ownership share.

Roycefield is a unique recreational gem in the town of Hillsborough. But it is special in another way. Because of the structure of Roycefield, you directly share the ownership of the club. This investment grants you all of the privileges that Roycefield offers. We are not simply a not-for-profit entity that offers a service to subscribers, but rather, each and every owner shares in the present and future operations of the club.

As an owner, your stake in the club dates back to a process as old as the history of Roycefield. Back in 1962, when the swim club started, members had to post $350 for an ownership share. This was a fabulous amount of money then, equal to $2250 in today’s dollars. In fact, a lot of owners had to take out loans to come up with the money. The early owners knew such an amount would ensure families would be committed to the startup and ongoing success of the association.

Our club slogan “Built for Pleasure, not for Profit” testifies to the voluntary and inclusive nature of our association: a place to relax and have fun – a place where your participation really makes a difference.

For any questions, concerns, and contact information update; please contact us.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIRPERSON: email: membership@roycefield.org
For current Pool info; see our website – www.roycefield.org or email: info@roycefield.org