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Guide to the Board

Where Hillsborough Families Come to Play Together!

Each year, Roycefield Swim Club welcomes new owners and members to the club. There is a difference between an owner of the club and a member. All owners have paid a bond for ownership in the club and have voting rights at the Annual Meeting and any Special Meetings. There are two levels of ownership; Full Family and August Family, paying a full and half ownership bond, respectively. Members consist of Couples, Singles, Senior Couple, and Senior Single, and do not pay an ownership bond. Members have voting rights but do not have an ownership in the club.

Although the purpose of Roycefield is to provide a place of enjoyment, it is important for the membership to understand and participate in how the club operates. The Club is managed by a Board of Trustees (the Board) that is voted in annually by owners/full-season members of the club. The Board can have as many as 15 members operating in the following capacities: President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Pool & Grounds, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Social Chair(s), VP Swim Team, and various committee members. The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month (except February and December unless deemed necessary). Some of these meeting may be closed working meetings. All owners and members are encouraged to attend open board meetings.

An Annual Meeting is held, usually on the last Saturday in January, where the new Board of Trustees is elected and the annual budget is presented and approved. Developing the annual budget incorporates projected repair costs, operating costs, pool/ground maintenance and improvements, and maintaining a cash reserve.

Budget planning begins in October and concludes at the January meeting with the Board making all efforts to keep expenses and any increases to a minimum. Owners are always welcome to participate in the budget planning process. Minutes for all meetings are available by sending a request to the Secretary (secretary@roycefield.org). Members are encouraged to share thoughts, suggestions and ideas on ways to improve Roycefield at any time by contacting a Board member. All Board members email addresses are available on the club’s website.

We hope you found this information helpful in understanding the workings of the Board and encourage you to get involved. Working together, we can continue to make Roycefield a great place to spend your summers.