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Guest Policy

Where Hillsborough Families Come to Play Together!

Members & Guest Policy

Members are encouraged to enjoy the Club and bring guests per the following rules:

Guests are defined as:

Any individual who is NOT an immediate family member (spouse/civil partner, children) is considered to be a guest. Changes in family member status should be reported to membership by April 1 of each year.

Guest Fees

Weekdays $8.00
Weekends $10.00

Guests must be signed in and paid for upon entrance to the Club.

Guest Tracking:

  • All members are to report their guests and give their names at the gate.
  • A list of guests will be maintained for reference.
  • Members are limited to a maximum of seven (7) guests at any single visit.
  • If a member desires to have more than seven guests, the member must apply for a Party.
  • See Party Policy.

*Should a guest exceed 7 visits, the member will be informed and the guest will not be granted entrance to the Club. Exceptions can be applied to this Guest Policy visit limitation however the member should contact membership@roycefield.org by April 1 to arrange for these special cases. Additional fees may apply.

Exceptions to this Guest Policy

  1. A non-custodial parent who does not live at the family address, but brings the children to the pool. Please provide Membership with the name of parent.
  2. Child care providers (i.e., an au pair who live in the household, a permanent babysitter, or grandparents not living in the home) who bring the children to the pool in lieu of parents. Please provide Membership with name and age of individual before the start of the pool season. This individual is subject to guest fees when accompanying the parent to the pool.
  3. Individuals living with a Member Family for the summer (i.e., exchange student, visiting relative) will be considered a “Special Family Member” (SFM). SFMs can become a part of the family by paying a onetime $150 (per individual) season fee.