Pool Schedule

Hours & Dates of Operation

The season normally runs from the Saturday before Memorial Day until Labor Day. The operating hours fall into two categories:

  • Preseason: From opening day until (and including) last day of Hillsborough School
  • Regular Season: From the end of preseason until Labor Day

Pool Phone Number: 908-359-8450 (only during pool season)

Season Schedule
Preseason Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)
(if air temp is 75 deg. by 2pm)
4:00pm 7:30pm 
 Preseason Fridays
(if air temp is 75 deg. by 2pm)
4:00pm 9:00pm
 Preseason Saturdays
12:30pm 9:00pm
 Preseason Sundays 12:30pm 7:30pm
Regular Season 1 Starting June 17th – July 31st
Weekdays/Weekends 12:30pm 9:00pm
Regular Season 2 Starting August 1st – September 5th
Sunday – Thursday 12:30pm 8:00pm
Friday – Saturday 12:30pm 9:00pm


Holiday Hours
Memorial Day 11:00am 7:30pm 
July 4th 11:00am 9:00pm
Labor Day
11:00am 7:30pm

Special Closings

(Please note: All special events and early closings will be indicated on the Roycefield event calendar.)

Occasionally, the pool closes for a block of time to accommodate special events for the pool members and their guests
(Pre-Teen night, Teen night, Sprint Meet, etc.) Roycefield also hosts other swim clubs for swim team dual meets.
Because the evening swim meets usually last for 2-3 hours, we need to close early so the meet can finish before dusk.

Rev. July 2016

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